Friday, July 15, 2011

My Guests

I must apologize, I have been absent from my blog for awhile. I have had house guests, my sister & niece. It was their first visit to my home in France & I have been busy showing them the area.

My sister rented a car & we have been visiting all of the beautiful old hill top towns that are near by.

We have relaxed in caf├ęs.....

.... marveled at the landscape & endless fields of sun flowers....

....& eaten in lovely French restaurants.

We have wandered the old cobbled streets of medieval villages....

....gone to the Sunday market & eaten an enormous amount of wonderful fresh produce.

It has been fun sharing the place that I love so much with my family. And in doing so, I have found a new respect for the beauty of this place, that I am fortunate enough to call my second home. Now more than ever before, I realize just how truly lucky I am.


  1. Plus, you've taken some great photos. I'd love to replace your sister or neice with myself in that one of them walking up the hill, the sun making long shadows behind them. I bet they'll love France as much as you do now.

  2. You are a generous hostess and I know they had a fabulous time! Yes, it is fun to introduce one's favorite places to newcomers. It enables one to see one's area with fresh eyes. I put on my "tourist hat" here at home occasionally to appreciate all that we have here. My, but you make me long for France! Thanks for the lovely posts!

  3. Sounds like your having a fantastic time...and thank you for sharing France with us too! I have been really loving all your posts from your home away from home :) Visitors always make us see with new eyes