Monday, March 2, 2015

Pot de Fleurs

For me there is just something about potted plants in France. It's not only the pretty blooms that are eye catching, but  the planters themselves that are interesting to me as well. 

It is evident that I have a fascination with plants & their pots since I have done a few other posts on the subject here & here.

This beautifully sculpted stone vessel dating possibly as far back as the Middle Ages is one of my favorites.

But a more modern version with a mosaic of broken bits & pieces is equally intriguing to me.

There are always the plain stone troughs both new & old that are found everywhere.

And then there are the urns which are so very French to me.


 Sometimes they are sighted on top of the pillars of a forgotten gate reminding us of an elegant  time gone by.

One can often find the creative use of an old oil drum as a planter....

...or as in the case below an old medieval ruin actually becomes the planter.

Perhaps it is the little bit of spring in the air that has me


  1. These are all so beautiful. Again with your eye for detail. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France.

  2. What a lovely group of potted colour. One of the signs on the gate in the second photo always makes me laugh. The first time I read it, i read it as Chanter Interdit au Public, instead of Chantier- it's an important difference, I always think of it as Chanter though...

  3. you are so right, there's something about potted plants in France.
    they seem to turn up in unexpected places, they look as if they have been there for ever and ever (the pots may be), as if an invisible hand has planted them.
    French magic :)
    as your lovely photos show, they always look good, at the right place and joyful.
    thanks Sally.
    i still have to wait a little to plant my pots but you inspired me already.

  4. Beautiful! I think it also has to do with the warm colours of background stone......and the light....a complete package.
    Your lovely photos make me smile ~ thank you!

  5. I have such a love for terra cotta pots ... any pots! Such a wonderful post! France is on my "must see" list but your post has me pouring over the spring flower catalogues! Planting season can not get here soon enough! Have a fabulous day Sally!

  6. all these pictures make me want to visit your part of the world so bad. beautiful.

  7. They aren't all as pretty as these!

  8. These are fabulous, Sally. The French do it better than anyone. I especially love those wonderful rustic planters! Beautiful photo captures and just terrific memories.