Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March Rolls In

I confess to being remiss in posting photos from Charleston this winter.  The month of February was for the most part rainy & chilly. But of course, it was nothing in comparison to the snow my family & friends were enduring in Boston. Below is my daughter shoveling her Boston driveway. 

 On those rare but glorious winter days here in Charleston, when the sun shines & the temperatures rise, I did take photos. But I felt down right guilty about sharing them. In fact, I learned the hard way what hard-pressed northerners felt about beach pictures in February, when I emailed a few sunny shots to my children. What I received in response was an almost angry reply . They were not amused.

Now that March is here, however,  I feel a little safer in saying that spring is just around the corner. It does seem that when the days are pretty here, especially on the weekends, everyone gravitates to the beach. Although it is still too cold to swim it is a great place to take a long walk.

And surfers are out in their wetsuits hoping to catch a wave or two.

Or what could be nicer than to take in the sun on a beach front porch. 

Happy March everyone!
 Spring is most certainly on its way.


  1. The first picture is incredible!
    I would like to sit in one of these colored chairs.....sure, it must be very nice...

  2. Sally, living in Los Angeles I can relate! And oh, your poor daughter! I grew up in Niagara Falls — check out this photo of the falls I used alongside my Snow Day post—
    brrrr; my bones can't handle that kind of cold anymore!

    I also LOVE those brightly colored chairs, they seem very French in spirit although I doubt you see a lot of Adirondack chairs on the beaches in the south of France:)

  3. Love your Charleston photos! We missed our SC trip last year (Myrtle, July) and aren't sure about this summer either. But oh, how I miss that ocean!

  4. It all looks very much like the English seaside in midsummer!

  5. Happy March to you my dear. We had a fabulous day today didn't we? I was in your city today visiting my son and running errands, it was perfect!

  6. Oh how those colorful chairs are calling my name. Aren't we blessed not to have to brave the snow like your daughter? We had a wonderful spring like day today too... here a little more inland SC. Some of my trees and flowers have popped out the last couple of days. I can only imagine how your sweet city is awakening.

  7. Hi,Sally,
    I enjoyed of all your photos! Yes, spring is knocking on our doors every day here too! I wish I could sit in one of those colored chairs,having tea!