Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Learning Tea

The Internet is an amazing place for sharing information & rediscovering long lost friends. I was recently delighted to spot the name of a daughter of an old friend I had lost touch with many years ago. One discovery led to another as this remarkable young woman's story unfolded before me on the computer screen.

In 2007 Katrell Christie opened an eccentrically charming little tea sop in a friendly neighborhood of Atlanta Georgia

It was called Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party.  As if the name alone  or all of these delightful photos, which I borrowed from her website, were not enchanting enough, there was more to her story. Much more! 

For the next three years Katrell happily managed her cozy neighborhood tea shop, serving teas & baking delicious sweet treats from her grandmother's recipes. But when a friend invited her to travel to India she had no idea that her life would be changed forever.

There she met three young girls living in an orphanage in Darjeeling, who at the age of sixteen were about to age out of the system. With little education these young women had few opportunities & little hope for the future. Moved by their plight, Katrell promised to help. On her return to Atlanta, & not knowing what to do, Katrell placed a note about her experience along with a jar for donations on her counter.

From that first jar grew a fund raising effort that eventually became The Learning Tea. Since its formation in 2010 The Learning Tea has provided housing & higher education for eleven girls in Darjeeling. With the help of donors & an army of volunteers, they are in the process of opening two more homes to house & educate girls in other parts of India. 

 The Learning Tea on line shop has products that help to fund this admirable mission. I felt it was appropriate to share Katrell's story today, being Mother's Day. I am sure that Katrell's mother, my old friend, is incredibly proud of her remarkable daughter. But Katrell's story also reminds us to celebrate all women, mothers or not, who nurture & care for others in the spirit of motherhood everywhere. 

Photos by 

Ulrich Brinkmann Photographty


  1. oh wow! this is amazing. i love when people put a cause in what their doing. if we can help even in the slightest part, i think we all can make difference. amazing story

  2. What a darling spot and wonderful cause. I bet you loved every second of your time there! Happy day, and thanks for sharing.

  3. Sally, What an amazing story. Some people might feel it's hopeless when so many people need help, but starting with a few can lead to helping many. Truly inspiring.

    1. Hope you had a lovely mother's day with your family.

  4. Hello,Sally,
    This is a very interesting and inspiring story!
    My English skill was not enough to read quickly the whole meaning of the story. Now I am OK!!!
    Thank you for sharing those links too," The Learning Tea!! I love them so much.
    Have a good new week,Sally!

  5. Hi Sally,
    This is such a touching story - perfect for Mother's Day. I look forward to learning more about the program, and will pass the story on to some special people. I will also add it to my Pinterest board on Tea. Thank you also for your kind comments on my blog. Fondly, Marjorie

  6. What a great story and outcome! Love it.

  7. Wow, what an amazing woman! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Sally. I'm deeply touched by her effort and it truly is a wonderful story to tell on Mother's Day! I hope you had a beautiful day.

  8. what a great idea and work!
    thank you so much for sharing!
    warm greetings from Paris!