Wednesday, August 14, 2013

La Fête du Village

La fête du village is an age old tradition in France, as the amusing old photograph below can attest. Neighbors & friends from small towns have been joining one another for a night of dining together under the stars for centuries.

When I first arrived here in the French countryside, our village had wonderful lively fêtes with games & music & wining & dining. But at some point during the twenty some odd years I have been here, the fête seemed to lose favor.

In the past several summers, however, the happy village tradition has been revived.

It is a simple affair, with everyone pitching in to help. There is a fire for barbecuing, & many salads with lovely farm fresh ingredients.

But unlike an American barbecue, everything is served in courses as is the French costume. Starting with the apéritif, followed by a first course, the main course, then a cheese course, which is always served after the meal, & finally desert & coffee.

There is of course plenty of wine & crusty baguettes for every table.

The party goes on into the night with music & dancing. it is a multigenerational gathering of neighbors & friends enjoying a summer evening of festivity & community.


  1. I would love to be part of a community like this in France. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. C'est sympa ce genre de fête. Enjoy :)