Tuesday, September 18, 2012


When there is an abundance of fresh vegetables in the garden or in the market, homemade soup is a great way to make use of them. This summer & early fall I have been the lucky recipient of my neighbor's gardens bounty & have made a number of different versions of a simple & easy soup recipe.

One of my favorites was fresh tomato soup with crispy homemade croutons. I made this when I was given a huge basket of very ripe tomatoes.

It was so good that I want to try it again. Right now the market has many varieties of beautiful tomatoes. You can buy large over ripe ones for almost nothing, which are perfect for making soup.

The recipe is so simple. All you need are plenty of onions & garlic & whatever vegetable you plan to use. Sauté your onions & garlic, add your vegetables, water & a good quality bouillon cube & you are good to go. You can rough cut everything as you will blend it at the end. Cook your vegetables until just tender, you don't want to over cook them & then blend. Season with salt & pepper & whatever herbs you may want to use & in no time you have a delicious hardy soup.

Your choice of vegetable is infinite, there are so many different combinations & choices that you can try.

Zucchini or any combination of green vegetables is another obvious choice, as zucchini is always so abundant this time of year.

I used some beautiful zucchinis from my neighbors garden & added some sautéed spinach at the very last minute for a very good & creamy green soup. Now that the weather is getting cooler soup is such a warm & comforting meal.


  1. Beautiful soup......it looks absolutely delicious.
    Lovely photos!


  2. Yum. You've inspired me and the temperature dropped into the 40s overnight. I'll make some tomato soup today.

  3. Hi,Sally.
    Beautiful soup recipe! It looks delicious.
    Now many fresh tomato are sold in Japan too. I buy many tomato,which can be frozen. I put a peeled frozen tomato in a mixer with yogurt and water,and switch on! Tomato skin can be immediately peeled after soaking in water!

    A friend of mine is now traveling in Nice. Is the city close to your area?
    Have a good day.