Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Industrial Items & Signs

As much as I love all the beautiful things France has to offer, I also love the rusty old industrial items & signs as well. For some reason I found this old blue ESSO pump & yellow barrel very appealing & certainly very colorful.

I adore these old signs for "Le Petit Journal". You see them everywhere, some in better condition than others. There is in fact one in my village but it has only a crumbling corner left. This one is whole & fairly readable. Do you see it boasts 6 pages?

I just loved this scene with the old enamel sign & the very long bench, not to mention the faded shutters & curtains.

I was really charmed by this doorway with its old weather thermometer still hanging there after many years of use.

Here is just one of the many old shop signs one sees. I so love these, & feel sad when I think that eventually they will probably be replaced with modern ones.

I have passed this door so many times & have only now thought "I must take a photo!". To me this door just exudes mystery.

Although not old, this shop with its old fashion lettering & products from another era harks back to the past. The widow display has lovely handmade market baskets, feather dusters, natural sponges, & things to beat your carpets with. Inside you will find even more old fashion products for a modern world.

I hope you are having a happy & productive weekend. Maybe you are beating the dust out of your carpets or maybe your French maid is dusting with a feather duster. One thing is certain, I will be taking my basket & going to the Sunday market tomorrow.


  1. i find myself also appreciating industrial/french/floral/rustic
    odd companionns
    which make for
    great juxtapositions
    {i pinned your petrol pump image/thanks}
    x ... *****

  2. [ooh wierd kerning above! not me promise]