Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pêche et Orange

There are so many creamy peach colors & oranges here in the summer as well as fall colors too. This is my collection of bright orangey hues.

To me a building with this lovey peach color just speaks of a warm climate.

Of course what could be more peachy than a crate of beautiful fresh peaches in the market.

The bricks have such a warm orangey tone but the little orange pot just says it all.

Can't get much more orange than this little table & chair set.

These shutters are a deeper shade of orange.

I had never seen an orange rose before. No kidding, it was just this color with little bits of yellow. It was really stunning.

Some rather industrial looking shades of orange.

This little orange voiture is not a Doux Cheveux but another vintage auto that I spotted recently.

Oh, when in season the apricots are so beautiful & so delicious.

We are coming to the end of the peach season now & starting to finding fall vegetables & fruits in the market these days. Here is a lovely pumpkin & big squash from my neighbors garden.

Hope the rest of your week & the up coming weekend will be peachy!


  1. Peaches are my favorite. Some of the oranges were quite eye popping. I guess when you have the bright sun to compete against, that orange doesn't look too bright.

  2. It really is the typical color of the southwest. All these bricks which are sometimes orange, pink, red, brown, it's a nice atmosphere.

  3. What a wonderful feast of colors...thanks for sharing!