Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Outdoor Tables

September is a beautiful month here in southwest France. It is cool in the mornings & evenings, but sunny & hot by day. It is still pleasant to sit outside to eat, which is an important part of the French way of life. One sees outdoor tables everywhere. I am always drawn to these settings whether in restaurants surrounded by giant parasols or a simple family table in a garden. Here are a few of the photos I have taken this summer of the outdoor tables that appealed to me.

Beautiful setting, beautiful view ....

When not in use for dinning, tables are a great place for potted plants.

No matter how small the area there is always room for a table & chairs.

Although not a picture of tables, this photo gives the feeling of lunching outside on a sunny summer day under the shade of large white umbrellas. This ambiance is so typical to the south of France.

Tables are tucked in any outdoor space available always ready to invite a guest.

Almost every restaurant offers outdoor seating, each with their own style & decoration.

White plastic chairs are actually very common even in the most elegant of settings.

Another little table with plants but ever ready for someone to pull up a chair & drink a cup of coffee.

I found this late summer scene very appealing.

As I did this simple family dinner table under an arbor just outside a kitchen window. I like the candle holders hanging from the shutters & can imagine how pretty they would be at night.

Shelter from an open air barn provides the perfect spot for alfresco dinning.

There is no question that this lovely tradition of dinning in the fresh open air is one of my favorite things about life in France.


  1. Love all the little outdoor eating spots you've found. I used to hate to eat outside because flies and bugs grossed me out. Luckily, I've outgrown that phase. There's nothing better tha a relaxing meal outside a cafe

  2. One of the many things which appeals to northern people! I've been in SW France at this time of year and was surprised at how chilly it could be at night.


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