Friday, August 3, 2012


I had taken so many photos of windows for my post on shutters that I had quite a few that I did not use but that I still find pretty. So here is a selection of the edited out photos. I hope you enjoy them. Wishing you all a very relaxed & happy weekend.

I was so interested when Émilie said in a comment that the French put pots of geraniums in the windows to prevent mosquitoes. I had never heard that before but it would certainly explain why so many windows have them. I always thought it was because they are so pretty, which of course they are.

I adore all of the odd shaped windows like the one above or the tiny one in the photo below.

I love passing this window with the date 1737 carved above. It has changed very little in all the years that I have been here.

I especially love the detail of the sweet blue shutters below.

Here are more geraniums & nice subtle color combinations in the next two windows.

Subtle but very lovely indeed.

Here is a pretty window in a brick house in Albi.

I love the lovely arches of these windows.

I am sure I have taken a photo of this last window before but I love it's interesting configuration so I thought it deserved a second look.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. How lucky for us that you have a great eye for detail. I hate the smell of geraniums, so maybe I am part mosquito too.

  2. Hi,Sally!
    I love to see those beautiful windows. I am also interested in the families who live in such lovely houses with the charming windows.

  3. Sweltering in our Nation's capital...but feeling so much cooler looking at the shutters. As always, thanks for the escape.

  4. what beautiful photos Sally, I can't get enough ! (and I like the odd shaped ones too )

  5. beautiful shots...and I agree there is something about windows...and doors I am always looking at them- these are a very nice collection!

  6. Like Tomoko,I'd love to peek inside.Thanks for bringing SW France into my home. We have had a wet and chilly summer and your photos bring a blast of warmth and summer.


  7. I love the green one the most! It made me imagine a humble but cute dome-shaped house. You know, it amazes me how simply a shot of a window can give you an idea of how the whole house looks. :D It shows that it is not only a tool to create the atmosphere inside, but also a basis for first impressions from the outside.

  8. I love that window with 1737 engraved above it. The window treatment used is simple and functional at the same time. The clear curtain and the window frames permit enough amount of natural light to the room without exposing its interior too much.

  9. Wow! These are all lovely windows. I think each fits perfectly with the exterior design of the house where they are hung. Windows can be a great platform to express your creativity and give your house an extraordinary look.