Tuesday, August 14, 2012


On Thursday mornings at the market in Villefranche under the arch of the old cathedral the Nuns make crêpes on a sort of "crêpe hot plate". The Sisters serve these crêpes with a choice of their homemade confiture or with Nutella, the traditional chocolate spread,.

They have plenty of batter at the ready & pour it on the hot griddle, then smooth it out thin with a little wooden pusher.

Just a small amount of batter goes a long way & is quickly spread to the edges of the pan.

Turning the crêpes takes real skill at which these ladies are quite adept. It is certainly fun to watch the whole process. From start to finish it takes only minuets.

But oops this is where my photos end. I had to step up to choose my confiture & to pay my 2€.

I chose apricot jam & it was delicious. I wish you all could have joined me for one of these delectable sweet French treats.


  1. Looks wonderful........I can imagine being there!


  2. Wonderful picture story. I love the lady's yellow and blue Provencal apron. And her smile. She loves what she does, doesn't she? Mmmmm... apricot jam, too.

  3. Thank you Sally.
    I wish I could have joined you too! But,Sally,so sweet smell is coming to me all that way from the market in France!!
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Oh no, don't tell the Vatican that the nuns weren't preaching against abortion, birth control and same sex marriage. Just kidding. Too many news reports about the differences between the nuns' work with the poor and the expectations of the Bishops. I'd love to have delicious confiture crepe, made by a nun, or even a priest.

  5. ah, les crêpes, quelle tradition !
    I can watch them make them for hours, I'm fascinated by how skillful they are !

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