Monday, May 25, 2015

Le Marché du Dimanche

I finnally got my bike out, put air in the tiers & rode to the market in St. Antonin on Sunday. It still isn't really sunny or warm but it was a beautiful day for a bike ride none the less. The market was surprisingly crowded for May. Many English speakers & tourists were there. So different from the old days when no one at all spoke English. I even met an American couple who now live in St. Antonin with their guests, one of whom was from Charleston SC. Such a small world.

Because it was a bit grey, I did not take my usual sunny shots of all the fresh produce. It's early yet & many things are not yet in season. There are cherries though & fresh peas, two of my favorites. 

Instead I consontrated on what the market looks like as you make your way through the busy lanes & throngs of people.

And then I also focused above the fray looking at the buildings just over the tops of the market parasols.

I enjoyed my ride into St. Antonin & loved shopping at the Sunday market again but I was also happy to get home & unpack my purchases & make myself a nice lunch.

You can see what I bought from the photo above. The little container in the foreground is Aligot  which is a traditional dish from L'Aubrac region not far from here. It is made by combining melted cheese blended with mashed potatoes. It is traditionally prepared in a large pot & stirred vigorously until it becomes smooth & stingy rather like fondue. It is delicious.

Wish I could have shared just a little with thoes of you now 


  1. How lovely to ride your bike to the market and shop at leisure. I kind of dread the grocery store here, so I'm sure that's a better way to shop. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  2. Beautiful photos! One day I must get there.

  3. It is so wonderful that you ride a bike! You can enjoy much more travel in France. Especially,the first photo is very impressive!! Beautiful.

  4. How fantastic that you ride your bike to the market and your photos always make me swoon. So pretty! Kisses

  5. Your lunch is to die for -- I love that the market is close enough to ride to and has such wonderful fresh things! Lovely photos!

  6. what a beautiful still life… I like Aligot, too…
    warm greetings from Paris!

  7. A lovely place to be able to visit and ride your bike ,, and get a tasty looking lunch , thanks for sharing,