Friday, May 22, 2015

Crêpes aux Fraises

With all the rain we have been having the strawberries have been growing like mad. I am so lucky to have so many generious neighbors, who bring me beautiful ripe red berries from their gardens. I have been eating strawberries every morning for breakfast with my yogurt & they are so good. But when yet another neighbor gave me a bowl full of eggs from her friends chickens, I decided to make crepes.

I don't use much of a recipe. I think it's two eggs to equal parts flour & milk about a cup each I would say. Then a pinch of salt & a few tablespoons of melted butter or oil. 
That's it! So easy & so good!

The French that I have watched seem to put crystallized sugar on the crepe in the pan after turning it. So I do the same, as it melts a little & adds a lovely sweet texture.

I do not add any sugar to the berries as they are so sweet & delicious as is & of course there is the sugar already on the crepe.

I am afraid I did not take the time to get a good final photo of my rolled up crêpe as I was too anxious to dig in. I started out mixing the batter on the table but I never made it back there. I ate my crêpes standing up at the kitchen counter as soon as they came off the pan. 

Have a yummy weekend everyone!


  1. Yes please………looks YUMMY!

  2. Great tips, mom. Those look delicious!

  3. Great tips, mom. Those look delicious!

  4. Sally, See how French you've become in just a few weeks back. I would have thought to make omelets and you went with the crepe. The strawberries look luscious. Ours are not quite ripe yet here.

  5. You write a recipe like I do! About a cup of this and a bit of that! I love crepes and haven't tried them. I look at Julia periodically and think "Yes, do it!" I think I may try "Sally" instead! What glorious berries! Sight, to be with you at this moment!