Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting for Sandy

We are prepared & waiting for Hurricane Sandy to arrive. Although it seems peaceful here now they say the storm should hit Boston sometime around noon.

Yesterday Gracie & her mom came over to help get ready. Gracie's main concern was that we did not have any Halloween candy yet.

I stocked up on fruits & vegetables as we were advised to do. If there is a power outage we will not be able to cook.

So nuts & apples & peanut butter sandwiches will have to do. I did cook some pasta & rice to turn into salads if need be.

We have plenty of water....or at least I hope we do.....this giant bottle ought to get us through whatever comes.

We moved in plants & patio furniture.

Just yesterday morning the patio looked like this.

Now anything we could not bring inside is laying flat or upside down (the table) in anticipation.

Gracie approved of the homemade oatmeal cookies. So it looks like we are ready for whatever nature brings us.

Stay safe everyone!


  1. I hear you , Sally. Praying for all of us who are in Sandy's path.

  2. Better safe than sorry :) and so far so good at my end- hope you are faring well too!

  3. You too, Sally. Hope they're overplaying it like they usually do. I don't know what we're getting here in Ohio with 60 mph winds and snow tonight! Crazy. But no flooding here in Columbus.