Friday, October 12, 2012

Back in Boston

I am back in Boston trying to acclimate. The city is beautiful & busy.

The crisp autumn weather has been lovely except for the occasional chilly rainy day.

The fall leaves are starting to show their glorious colors.

The days are getting shorter. There is school & sports & best of all my grandchildren!


  1. Dear Sally,
    I loved reading your blog while you were in France. Your photography captures your deep love for such a beautiful place. The picture of the chldren is precious - I know they must be so happy to have you back in Boston!
    Mary Howard

  2. I'm sure your grandchildren are thrilled to have you, and all the attention, back. I think my parents were startled by how quickly my kids grew up and opted not to spend time with grandparents any more (teenagers). You're all so lucky to have each other. (My book is in the mail on the way to you.)

  3. I hope you had a smooth trip home and your adjusting !!
    What wonderful posts you did over the summer- it was just like being in France for me :)

  4. I like these golden photos! Here no gold but grey...and rain... :(