Sunday, September 4, 2011


I am a lover of details & the hardware one finds on old French doors is one of those details that intrigues me. There are so many different shapes & styles, one always finds something interesting to look at.

I could not resist the intricate handle below on the most unusual purple-red painted door.

Another bright color door with double knockers caught my attention below.

The knocker below is of an interesting design.

As is the one on a blue door.

But here you get a whole assortment of beautifully rendered hardware.

Hands as door knockers are also very popular. I am not sure of the significance of these, but I believe they came into vague in the Victorian era.

The door below with these amazing hinges has it all, old knocker, handle, letter drop, everything.

There are simply as many interesting & unique pieces of door hardware as there are beautiful old doors.

Just another detail that make France the wonderful place that it is.


  1. hi sally,
    you are lucky girl to live in such a beautiful culture between France and NY.
    I am always facinated by those kind of unusual things like you. Are you glad to be back in U.S. or do you miss france?

  2. I love your attention to detail. I think the hand door knocker is kind of creepy though.

  3. really cool. like a personality or secret code. the Japanese had small objects tied to robes as identifiers. perhaps there is more to these knockers... :) cool shapes. good collection. thanks for sharing Sally.