Monday, September 12, 2011

Coming to an End the Colors of Summer

Although the days are still warm & sunny here, the nights & early mornings are growing cooler.

The colors of summer are beginning to fad & the colors of autumn are starting to appear.

I have been surrounded by so many beautiful colors this summer.

I can not help but be inspired.

I love both crisp new colors & the fading patina of the old.

I love the subtle hues of autumn grapes.

As well as the happy party colors of summer.

I came upon this colorful scene the other day, tucked into a quiet corner of St. Antonin. Everything seemed ready for a fĂȘte but with no sign of the partygoers.

This photo seemed appropriate, since this will be my last post from France. The party is over. I will be leaving in a few days to return to Boston. I am sad to go, but I will take all these lovely memories with me.


  1. I enjoyed all of your posts from France and feel lucky that I got to follow your journey. Have a safe trip home.

  2. I too have really enjoyed all your posts this summer and am a bit sad that you are leaving France...but weather back here in has been lovely! Hope you have a safe trip!

  3. I will miss your photos of France they are a joy, always! Have a safe trip, xx

  4. Thank you for all your lovely posts about south west France :) I wish you a safe return to Boston. I like to see pictures from there, it changes from home :)

  5. summer was nice but the fall color is one of my favotite too. your photos always cheer me becauce of the beautiful color. thanks sally.