Sunday, August 24, 2014

Les Brocantes

While in France, one of my pleasures, is visiting the various Brocantes in the area. A brocante can be anything from an antique store to a junk shop with a whole rang in between.

You never know what you will find & that I guess to me is the thrill of it.

I just enjoy looking. I don't buy a lot. For me it is interesting to see so many beautiful olds things from French life of years past.

I was struck by the light on this set of white china, which with the chairs reminded of an elegant French home at the turn of the century.

Some things are just so French in their appeal.

For me it is such a pleasure to wonder through these shops & take in the beauty & history of this country & maybe just maybe, find some little something to take home with me.

I am linking this to Paulita's weekly meme


  1. Hi,Sally.
    They are beautiful photos. The white dish of asparagus is capturing my eyes. So sweet and I like it.
    I have been quiet for a long time. I am gradually coming back!

  2. Sally, I felt like I was wandering around the brocante with you. You're right, the light on those white dishes was dramatic. I guess that's why you're the artist, you notice things like that. Thanks for playing along. Hope you're enjoying your last few weeks in France for this year. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. What a delicious post! It makes me regret never having been to les brocante. I don't know that I would be able to resist those asparagus plates... and the light on that white china setting is perfect.

  4. BTW I saw the 100 foot journey yesterday and was very besotted with your village- it's so beautiful.

  5. Beautiful photo of the set of white china... like a Vermeer painting. My Dreaming of France post is the Côte d'Azur set Woody Allen movie Magic In The Moonlight. BTW, The Hundred Foot Journey is an interesting film and what charming, fairly-tale like scenery in your neck of the woods.

  6. The photo of the white china is fantastic. Great place to visit.

  7. I always found it very interesting and probably not surprising that the things you find in France are quite different from those here in the U.S. -- more WWI and II memorabilia, different kinds of pottery. It makes it such fun! And I concur on the white china. Spectacular photo.