Thursday, June 5, 2014

Une Compote

My friend Annette brought me some cherries from her cherry tree. She told me that they were very ripe & that I should  eat them right away. I was delighted to eat a bowl full of cherries but there were far too many to be eaten all at once.

I had some apricots that were in need of using up as well. So I decided to make what the French call a compote. I guess it is what we would call stewed fruit but it sounds so much more appealing in French. Doesn't it?
I cut up the fruit. The hardest part was pitting the cherries.
Put the fruit into a saucepan with a good amount of sugar ( to taste) & brought it to a boil. 
Then lower heat & simmer until the fruit becomes a nice, rich, thick consistency. And voilà  you are ready to eat.
It can be served as a dessert with wiped cream or over ice cream. However, my favorite way to have compote is for breakfast with a pot or two of wonderful French yogurt.

I hope you are enjoying the fruits of the season!


  1. ahhh my mouth is watering here Sally! I just made rhubarb compote and then sat down and ate it of my favorite things to do with fruit...and yes compote is such a great word! :)

  2. Miam, miam ! It looks delicious! I made a strawberry and rubharbe compote last weekend. Delicious too ;)

  3. It sounds lovely. What a good idea.

  4. sally, this looks so fun and delicious. I also
    love making compote too.
    What else do you add? or just sugar is good?

  5. Hi,Sally,
    It looks delicious! Great idea. Cherries here is different in color. We have reddish yellow cherries.

  6. You've succeeded in making me really hungry! Looks so delicious.

  7. my next plan is to make peach compote.
    i can't wait to find them on the market sooon.