Saturday, January 26, 2013

The House

A lot of the work that we have been doing on the house is not very interesting but indeed very necessary, structural things mostly. 

And although we have been painting, in most cases we have just freshened up the colors that were already there. Recently however, we decided to add a little pop of color to our tiny & rather boring entry hall.

We knew we wanted a green but we had a hard time deciding just what shade to go with. In the end we chose the lighter brighter hue with just a hint of blue.

 Even so it looked pretty dark as we put it on.

Once it was done though, we were quite pleased.

Now we can uncover the furniture & move on to the next project.


  1. This green looks very soothing. I'd love to walk into an entryway this color.

  2. Hi Sally, thanks for leaving comments on my blog. Loving the colourful hallway.

  3. I agree with Menthe (and you, of course!) beautiful! I wish you a nice evening!

  4. Thanks everyone for your approval of the color choice. I'm happy you like it!