Friday, January 18, 2013

Little Morning Vignettes

 Early sunlight on a bowl of oranges mixed with some treasures from the beach.

Breakfast on the porch.

A closer look at the yellow tumble weed from the beach.

Some treasured gifts. A pretty little soap dish from my husband.... the sweet sea grass basket was a house warming gift from my brother.... & the beautiful ribbon a gift from my cousin Molly, remembering all the pretty French ribbons our grandmother used to collect.....& in the back a lovely handmade new years card from Elsa at Menthe Blanche all the way from France.

Thank you everybody!
Happy Weekend 
to all !


  1. Breakfast on the porch!!! It's not winter! Lucky you! Here, there is rain that turns into ice. It's slippery and dangerous on the sidewalk!

    1. I know Elsa it's true! We keep saying "Can you believe this is January ?!?!" Having our breakfast outside has been one of my favorite things so far.

  2. Such lovely vignettes. It's like you're an artist or something.