Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Bike Ride

On Saturday we took our bikes out to Concord, Ma., to do a little exploring. There is a beautiful hiking trail/bike path just on the outskirts of town.

On our way through the village of Concord, we passed the Louisa May Alcott house, . I loved Little Women as a young girl & now, Orchard House, as it is called, is one of my favorite places.

As fate would have it, on this lovely Saturday afternoon, there seemed to be a garden party on the front lawn, with all the guests in period costume. What a lovely sight as we passed.

Into the woods we headed. This bike trail was one of the paths taken by the minutemen as they attempted to ambush the British, at the beginning of the American Revolution.

The woods were peacefully beautiful, with the earthy scent of springtime in the air, light filtering through the trees,& birds singing from above.

But in the distance we could here the sound of a fife & drum. We knew that it was along this path that Paul Revere was captured, on the eve of the Revolution.

We soon learned that this was the opening day of all the Parks & Recreation sites & that there were a lot of special events planed for the day. In a clearing we encountered a ragtag army of minutemen.

Further on we came upon an old tavern, that had witnessed the sight of 700 British soldiers as they had marched by in their full regalia, to battle. Now open to the public, this beautifully preserved building in the middle of the woods, was abuzz with people in period dress doing basic chores of the time.

I loved this little lad in his early American costume.

Taking a tour of the old tavern & other historical sights was a fun & unexpected treat before getting back on our bikes & heading back into the forest.

It had proven to be a perfect & very fitting bike ride for Memorial Day Weekend. I hope all of you had a lovely weekend as well!


  1. J'adore tes photos (surtout la belle maison grise) ! It must have been a really nice bike ride.

  2. Merci E, c'est la maison de l' écrivant Louisa May Alcott. Avez-vous lu le livre Little Women? C'est un favori de jeunes filles américaines.

  3. oh what a restful place and that house is so lovely admidst the green, my stephdaughter and i still watch 'Little women' at christmas time each year, we do that since she was very young.
    lovely shots, xx

  4. What a pleasurable bike ride you had and all were in costume for you ,you live near so many historical sights .

  5. Sally, What a fun bike ride. How lucky that you saw all those historical actors. That must have made you feel like you were stepping back in time.

  6. Thanks for taking us along with you Sally.
    Love the photo of the young boy!