Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Embracing Boston

I confess that I have had a bit of trouble deciding what to post since I have been back from France. I think I have had a case of blogger's block, but a trip downtown made me decide just to plunge ahead & embrace the city I live in.

Boston is after all a beautiful city.

And it has lots of beautiful doors & windows too! 

There is of course the famous Boston Common, so pretty at this time of year. It was founded in 1634, by the way, & is the oldest public park in the US.

Although the swan boats have already been put away for the winter, there are still the real swans.

And there are also the ducks of Make Way for Ducklings fame.

Further on, there is Downtown Crossing, 

where you will find the Old Brattle Book Store ,with it's outdoor stalls.

 And just around the corner is the revitalization of the Washington Street Theater District.

Although the old Filene's department store is no more, its memory still graces Downtown Crossing.
Yesterday was a beautiful day to be out exploring Boston, I hope you enjoyed the little tour.


  1. Oh yes, I enjoyed very this little visit of Boston! You can do another one :)

  2. Boston is so charming! Glad you shared.

  3. As I always say when I return from Paris, (excuse my French here), "Reentry is HELL!" I can't even bear to empty my suitcase completely for weeks. It's so final you know.

    I smiled at your photos of home. Many could almost be from France. I do that a lot too. I can even find a bit of Europe here in Birmingham!