Monday, April 25, 2011

Throw Open the Windows

Yesterday we were given a reprieve from our cold, rainy weather. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Perfect! Although, today we have returned to the damp & chill, that brief taste of glorious weather, made me want to open the windows & let springtime in.

This is one of the things, that I love about France. There, without screens, it is truly possible to trow open windows & invite the fresh air in.

It is a common sight to see French women shaking out rugs or airing out bedding from their open windows.

One can lean out of a kitchen window to hang out a wet tea towel...

or just to chat with a passing friend....

One can simply pass the time watching the breeze blow the curtains bellowing in & out of the window.

Or, as what so often happens to me, one might open their window to discover a wonderful gift of fresh garden vegetables & herbs, left by a neighbor on the sill.

I am looking forward to this liberating feeling of openness after, what to me has been a very long & closed up winter.


  1. Beautiful, Sally. Will you go back to France this Summer? I hope so!

  2. Your pictures are really lovely! I like the atmosphere of village houses. When will you come back to France?

  3. What great windows! Looks beautiful over there and your last comment about liberation after being all closed up is SO TRUE! :)

  4. Hello,Sally.
    Really lovely post. The house, the blue windows and the rocks go with the atmosphere of the village. I love it very much!!
    Will you go back to France for your arts?
    How, wonderful! Stay warm.
    Red rose, Tomoko.

  5. Some of the things I love most about France -- the windows, the shutters, the people. You captured it all

  6. Thank you so much everyone for your comments, & yes, I will be going back. I am in the process of looking for flights right now.

    It is a totally different life than the one I live here in Boston. It is a very simple life & I love it!

  7. those places look like a paradise to lovely.
    Big windows kept open...that's how I like to live too. You are lucky to have such a nice environment.

    thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. I can almost feel the breeze blowing in! Beautiful photos Sally. There is no better way to live, I think!

  9. I am in Prague right now and really enjoy seeing the laundry out to dry- not as typical at home where the home owners association would not allow such things but certainly common in the Polish area of Toronto where I was raised- Love fresh smelling sheets!

  10. I love thoe pictures! It looks so different from where I live but I can tell the sense of excitement for the spring is the same!

  11. I love it. This made me happy and at peace inside.

    I love that you can more easily smell a home-cooked meal being made with the windows open!

  12. Beautiful! I would love to be in France right now. : )



  13. This post made me miss France! I won't get to go this year but I love that country!!