Monday, June 8, 2015

Une Promenade de Nuit

In the southwest of France the weather has gone form chilly & rainy to unseasonably hot almost over night. Temperatures have been in the 90's during the day but drop pleasantly in the evenings. So going for a walk at night can be a lovely & refreshing thing to do.

You are looking at the village from the opposite side of the riverat around 10 you can see it is still quite light out at that hour.

Then coming back across the bridge as you enter the village. Have I mentioned that our bridge was designed with plans from the office of Gustave Eiffel, the architect of the 
Eiffel Tower.

You can just feel the quiet of the village in this photo. There is no sound but the chiming of the town clock & the croaking of the frogs.

Looking to my right is the sillouette of the château. It's funny to think of a 12th century château  with a TV antenna but there you have it.


And back home again. Time to go to bed & wishing everyone sweet dreams, especially if you are 


  1. Your night walk looks romantic! Beautiful twilight!
    You too, Have a sweet dream!

  2. Beautiful! Moody; I imagine walking and the quiet crunch of gravel underfoot. When I visit your pages I'm always struck by what an artistic person you are, and your photos always move me. Today I clicked your website by mistake, thinking it was your blog, and discovered you are not just an artistic person, you're an artist! Beautiful work, Sally! Have a wonderful, warm, productive summer! What a great way to live!

  3. Sally, Lovely. You really took me there, and you're right, I could hear the pictures too. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  4. Thank you for taking me on this lovely stroll through the village in the late evening, I miss the long sumner days in Europe (we're from England) now in NZ.

  5. Ah, so beautiful! I love taking evening strolls:) Kisses

  6. What beautiful light, Sally. I should love to be on that stroll with you!

  7. All sounds very lovely. Wonderful photos too. Thanks for sharing them.
    Keep cool in that heat!

  8. hey sally! we're in town again! will you be at the market this sunday? i have terrible internet service, but will be at the market early sunday morn for the next two weeks. i'll look for you at cafe de la halle!

  9. What a lovely walk, thanks for taking us along with you.