Friday, April 10, 2015

Bon Weekend!

There is an embarrassment of riches here at the moment as far as blooms go. So much flowering beauty all at one time can be almost overwhelming & it is hard to know just where to turn the camera.

Wishing each of you a rich & bloom filled weekend!


  1. so pretty. sometimes I just wake up and feel incredibly happy. on a day like that, it's so easy to remember that I'm in love with the world, too. have a great weekend, Sally.

  2. Yes, it is such a pretty time of year. Now if we could just do something about all this pollen!
    Have a great weekend Sally.
    The Blue Angels are in town so I am enjoying watching them practice.

  3. As beautiful as the flowers are, your photo of the window framed by palms is my fav. Love all the texture in it!

  4. Utterly fabulous. We're in Maryland right now for a funeral and it's just killing me we can't get to DC for cherry blossoms -- I need such a jump for spring! So I'm happy to have your virtual spring here!

  5. Wonderful photos, as always!
    Spring is slow to start here and it is still sometimes cold.
    Your photos are a welcome reminder that there is hope around the corner for spring!

  6. I love spring blooms:) The smell always makes me swoon:) Have a great day. xoxo

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    Bon weekend

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