Thursday, January 29, 2015

What's on the Porch my neighborhood?

We have some beautiful houses in our neighborhood

...& some that have seen better days.

I love them all equally 

...& love being reminded of their colorful past.

I love looking on the old porches 

...where you never know what you might find.

For all my friends & family still digging out from Juno 
I send love & best wishes.


  1. Some lovely old porches, something we don't see often in this country.

  2. Belgium is not a country of porches either, but o boy i would love to have one, there's something so very cozy about them and sometimes a bit of mystery too, great photos, thanks.

  3. Southern neighborhoods have the best porches;)

  4. This is typically what I like!... no porches in France (or very little) ... what a pity!

  5. oh I would love to walk around there and sneak a peak at all those old homes!! You must be in heaven :)

  6. Your neighborhood looks lovely. I DO love a good porch! I don't have one and my house wouldn't look right with one, but I wish it did!

  7. Oh I do love those yummy colors! This brings back memories of my Charleston walkabouts.

  8. What a beautiful neighbourhood :) Kisses, lovely