Friday, March 14, 2014

Goofy 'N Green

Feel'n the green….

….& a little bit goofy too….like this Gumby & his camera I spotted  decorating a boarded up doorway….why???….I have no idea…. but I definitely related….

…this old place just says something about the south to me….but what… a sort of abandoned green grocery… southern style??

…..those snowy egrets that look so elegant from a distance sitting in the marshes… aren't always so pretty close up….but you've gotta love this homely little fellow….

I also love the blue green of my neighbor's giant century plant  looking a lot like it belongs in the Little Shop of Horrors 

…& if you are longing for a "green" vacation why not try this yurt  on an organic farm in Malibu…

…..go ahead…. feel goofy….feel green…. & above all enjoy your weekend


  1. Loving your green (and your goofy) and hopeful that spring is coming my way soon.

  2. Yes! these colors are so wonderful to see right now...and that yurt looks like a great get away :)
    Thank you Sally for sharing- your photos are beautiful as always! (I especially love that grocery)

  3. Love that abandoned grocery store - strange how the arrangement and style of signs can speak so clearly of place.

  4. All sort of wonderful green, but I have to admit a fondness for Gumby!