Friday, September 6, 2013

Transforming St. Antonin

Well, the work has begun, preparing St. Antonin for her grand debut. It certainly has been interesting watching this process unfold.

Although The One Hundred Foot Journey is a film with a contemporary timeline, not all of St. Antonine's businesses give the quaint appearance that the film is looking for.

In front of modern plate glass windows, artificial storefronts are being constructed & installed.

Built of plywood & in some cases heavy duty styrofoam these false facades give a completely new appearance. You would never know that this is the same boring insurance agency.

Once installed, the painting crew take over to complete the transformation. With the use of faux painting techniques & trompe l'œil these basic structures become believable aged stones etc.

Et voila! The ugly office is now Le Poste, while next door the café bar is in the process of becoming une Chocolaterie.

Being a painter myself, I am especially fascinated by these painting tricks & how authentic they look even at close rang.

There is activity all around the square. It is so much fun & exciting to watch.

My husband, who is a builder by trade, is most intrigued by the trucks fitted out as high tech craftsman ateliers.

He is especially enamored by the high quality tools ( all the high end Festool brand ) & the efficient little tool carts that roll the tools from job to job.

Everywhere you look the town of St. Antonin is getting a facelift & it is most enjoyable to watch it happen.

Even the white plastic pipes are being given a faux finish so that they will blend in with the old stone walls.

By the way it seems all the painting crew are women & I can't help wishing that I could be a "paint chick" too.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Oh, it's very interesting to see that! When I was young I wanted to be a decorator for film and do what you show in your photos! Enjoy :)

  2. This book is on my shelf to read. Now I really want to read it. How exciting to watch the town made old again.

  3. wow how exciting for you to be there and watch this transformation- it really is a kind of magic no?

    :) all the best!