Monday, May 20, 2013

A Walk on the Beach

Although, it was not what you would call a beach day per say, the chilly breezes did not keep the crowds away. It seemed like this weekend, everyone here in the Boston area, packed up their gear & headed for the beach.

Except for the occasional grey cloud, the sky was blue & the sun was out.

Sweatshirts were for the most part the preferred beach attire.

However, there were those few brave souls that did not let the chill bother them & went about enjoying the beach as if it were a hot August day.

All seemed to agreed that just hearing the sound of the surf & feeling the sand between their toes was the perfect way to welcome the changing seasons.

Nothing quite says spring to me, like the sight of the beach plum in bloom

And after an afternoon at the beach what could be better than a late lunch at the Clam Box in Ipswich.

A lobster roll & lobster bisque were the perfect finish to a lazy day at the beach New England style.

I hope your weekend was fun too!


  1. Up in my neck of the woods :) did you go to Crane's beach??
    I went to NH ;)

    1. Yes, Kristen, we went to Crane Beach! It was beautiful....hope you had fun in NH!

  2. Thanks for the beach visit ....... the lobster bisque looks lovely!


  3. I think I need some of your sunshine.

  4. You had definitely better weather than we had, so beautiful this beach and I'm getting hungry only thinking about lobster rolls.