Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday, Sun & Serena

It never ceases to amaze me, all that this area has to offer. Yesterday we were able to see the finals in the Family Circle Women's Cup on Daniels Island.

First there were the Doubles played by Andrea 
Hlavackova/Liezel Huber & Kristina Mladenovic/Lucie Safarova. 
The beautiful, fluid tennis was such fun to watch it hardly mattered who won but finally the titel was taken by A.Hlavackova & L.Huber. 

It was a magnificent sunny day & wonderful to be watching some great tennis.

 Next came the big final match between
 Serena Williams & Jelena Jankovic.

On Saturday, Serena had beat her older sister, Venus, in the semifinals  for the top spot.
Serena had claimed the title here in 2008 & again last year.

 Her opponent, Jankovic, had won the title in 2007 & was primed to stop Williams from a back to back win.

 It was great to have the opportunity to watch these two wonderful athletes play. 

Jankovic fought a hard battle but in the end it was Serena who took home the gold.

I enjoyed trying my hand at some amateur sports photography.

 I was almost as interested in all of the professionals & their giant lenses as I was with the game.

It was a fun day all the way around. 

I hope your Sunday was sunny too!


  1. Wow, what a great sunday! You're lucky to see these very good players. It had to be very interesting. Tomorrow night I'm going to play tennis but the level will be much more.... modest ....! ;)

    1. Thanks E, it really was pretty amazing to see this caliber of tennis.

  2. Great pictures! Were they playing on clay?

  3. Terrific photos, Sally. I used to love watching the ATP tournament near Cincinnati. I haven't been to a professional tennis tournament for years now. Looks like you had a good seat.

    1. Thanks, Paulita. It was actually my first professional tournament so it was very exciting for me.

  4. Looks great game in the blue sky! Very Powerful!
    Yes, I am interested in those professional cameramen holding giants lenses too!It put smile on my face.
    I see two among them have Canon lenses called white lens. We say it in short"shiro tama".

    Thank you for your kind comment on my latest post,Sally.

    1. Hi Tomoko, It is always so nice to hear from you! I am glad to know that you share my fascination with those professional photographers & their lens... I am glad to know I am not alone! Shiro tama, I will have to remember that!

  5. Hello Sally.
    I forgot to say.....
    White lens “shirotama” has a special message. White lenses are never used in war areas.
    Have a good weekend!