Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Market

Today is my last Sunday in France, my last market. The sun is rising later & there is a chill in the morning air. The shadows are falling longer as summer turns into fall. And sadly it is time for me to go.

I am taking in all the colors & shapes, the sounds & smells. I do not have much need for provisions now, as I leave early Tuesday morning.

I am looking for gifts to take back to grandchildren, family & friends.

Homemade jams & fruit syrups ? Too hard to carry back......

I will try to take in the simple beauty of the fall produce in order to keep the memory alive all winter long.

Back to reality ....or is it?



  1. It's been a pleasant time, and thank you for sharing the surrounding beauty of the village ,but it is also nice to get back to reality of the everyday obligations , thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment and have a nice trip back.

  2. Have loved all your pictures and commentary about France... and yes, France is reality! Funny, my friend who spends summers here and the other seasons in France is getting excited to return to her Provencal village at the end of the month. I will live vicariously through her blogs during the long winter ahead. Safe travels to you.